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What our Patients Say

Lisa_WigginsBlephMy overall appearance makes me much happier. I’m anxious to get rid of my glasses for contacts and show off my pretty new eyes. I’d refer my family and friends in a heartbeat!





My eyes were always my best feature. Over time, my look changed to the point that I no longer saw “myself” when I looked in the mirror. Now I look in the mirror and smile.





I could not have hoped for a better experience. Dr. Kellis’ experience and expertise helped me feel confident that he was the right surgeon for me. The people at the surgery center also were top notch when it came to surgery day. Healing was a breeze. I have no regrets and am so pleased with my decision to choose Dr. Kellis.




I looked and felt older than I wanted to. Dr. Kellis was so positive and encouraging. Everyone says I look much younger. I feel younger also. This has been a life changing experience.



Dr. Kellis did a wonderful job making my eyelids look so natural. I’m excited that I can see so much better and I am also excited that I look so much younger!


I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery. I thought I was doing this for vanity, but I can see so much better and my eyes are not tired. The cosmetic outcome is amazing and at 71 years of age I’m getting compliments that “you are cute.” Makes me feel great. I also look natural – no pulled tight eye skin.


I always have had a very heavy chubby eyelid – as I aged it became more & more droopy – Dr. Kellis assured me that I would look “rested” after surgery – and I am very happy with the results. I have also noticed my right eye doesn’t tear anymore as it did before. Happy!


I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Kellis. He made me enjoy looking at my eyes, especially the removal of the bags under my eyes. The smoothness of the under eye skin is a joy. Thank you!

I now have eyes that I can see. What a difference. I no longer look tired & I feel like eye makeup may be a thing of the past. I’m so happy with my result & would recommend this treatment to anyone. The eye center & Dr. Kellis were wonderful & I thank them so much!!! I feel beautiful. Thank you.


I am a very happy patient. I can now see like thirty years ago. That is wonderful!


I can’t believe how different I look and feel about myself. The surgery was easy because I had a great doctor perform it. I get so many compliments on my eyes. I can see everything and I feel like a young woman. Thank you so much, you will always be in my prayers.


Dr. Kellis is a wonderful doctor. Kind, compassionate and makes his patients at ease. His work on my eyes seems to be a miracle. I can see again. He is warm and caring about his patients – never failed to return my calls be it the weekend or weekday. I would and will highly recommend him as an excellent surgeon.


I was extremely fortunate to be in the hands of Dr. Kellis for my eyelid surgery. He has an extremely friendly and accommodating staff of professionals.


I can read for long periods of time without my eyelids drooping from fatigue. No more raised eyebrow straining to see. What a difference this has made to my vision and my appearance! Thank you to Dr. Kellis and his kind, supportive staff.

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