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Eyelid surgery has been greatly improved by advanced methods involving the CO2 laser. Dr. Kellis has worked with industry pioneers to develop a technique that significantly improves patient outcomes. The Kellis Laser Lift® considerably minimizes the bruising, swelling and recovery time experienced by most patients. The Kellis Laser Lift® has been used in over 60,000 surgical procedures at Kellis Eye Center. Both Drs. Kellis and Johnson use the technique to achieve optimum results that create great patient satisfaction. If you are considering eyelid surgery in Ohio, please feel free to schedule a consultation to find out why this method is so much better than tradition blepharoplasty eyelid surgery .

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The first detectable areas of aging on the face usually involve subtle changes of the upper and lower eyelids, occurring in many women and men as early as their thirties. The effects of aging are seen early in this area because of the unique characteristics of eyelid skin, the vulnerability of underlying support structures, and the years of sun exposure and repetitive facial expressions. While Botox, injectable soft tissue fillers, laser treatments, and chemical peels can erase some of the early signs of aging such as crow’s feet and early volume loss, more definitive eyelid rejuvenation is best accomplished with surgery.

Every year, over 100,000 men and women undergo eyelid rejuvenation surgery, also called blepharoplasty, to improve their appearance. There are many reasons to consider eyelid surgery. The eyes are the focus point of facial expression and convey a great deal about your mood and feelings in social interactions. Inviting eyes are a key aspect of a youthful appearance. Much of what plastic surgeons do is divert attention from other parts of the face to the eyes.

Learn why Dr. Kellis is the best choice in Ohio for eyelid surgery with the new Kellis Laser Lift® eyelid surgery done with a CO2 laser instead of a blade. Dr. Kellis and his team are experts in their field, and focus only on the eye region. When you choose Dr. Kellis, you are choosing a board certified ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon who provides the best results and experience to his patients. Learn more about Dr. Kellis.

Our results speak for themselves--our patients experience less bleeding, faster healing times, and amazing outcomes. We are truly different than the rest. See for yourself in our before and after gallery.

The Kellis Laser Eyelid Institute would like your opinion on your experience with us. We have various review sites we can direct you to. We hope you will share your experience and photos with others who are hoping to look younger and revitalize their facial appearance.

At Kellis Laser Eyelid Institute, we specialize in cosmetic surgery of eye region, specifically the upper and lower lids and the corners of the eye, where crow's feet often appear. If you are looking to rejuvenate your appearance, look younger, more awake, and more alert, schedule your consultation to learn about your personalized treatment plan.

When looking for cosmetic treatment of the eye region, select a surgeon who is a board certified ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon. As the only surgeon specifically trained to treat the eye, an oculoplastic surgeon is uniquely qualified to help you decide whether to consider this surgery.

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