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Welcome to the Laser Eyelid Institute

We have created the new standard for eyelid surgery!

Board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Augustine J. Kellis has spent his career studying the delicate art of surgical eye care. For over 25 years, his patients have experienced impeccable treatment. Dr. Kellis has mastered techniques and even pioneered oculoplastic procedures when he believed he could provide patients with better treatment than what was currently available.

One such procedure is the trademarked Kellis Laser Lift®. Considerably minimizing the bruising, swelling, and recovery time experienced by most blepharoplasty patients, the Kellis Laser Lift® is an exclusive method that provides undeniably natural results. It has been used successfully in over 60,000 surgical procedures.

Dr. Kellis uses the Kellis Laser Lift® to achieve optimum results that create great patient satisfaction. If you are considering eyelid surgery in Ohio, and want natural results, please feel free to schedule a consultation to find out why our exclusive method is so much better than traditional blepharoplasty eyelid surgery.

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